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Welcome to EDRC in New York City

The Eating Disorder Resource Center was the first outpatient program to develop specialized treatment for women and men who were suffering from bulimia.We now treat a wide range of eating disorders, offering individual, group, family and couples treatment for those challenged by bulimia, binge eating disorder, anorexia and other kinds of body dysmorphia. EDRC is especially known for integrating a psychological understanding of the disordered eating with direct intervention regarding the food or weight related behaviors.

EDRC is based in the west 50’s in Manhattan. However patients can be seen by therapists in locations throughout the city. We also have a large network of referral sources — such as physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists and gynecologists — so that all concerns can best be addressed.

With over 30 years of experience, we are keenly aware of the latest research and clinical understandings of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders. We are dedicated to knowing what can best help when you or someone you know is in trouble with food.

News & Upcoming Events

Distance Learning: 2-Year Program with Ongoing Rolling Admission

The Eating Disorder Resource Center is pleased to announce our new training program:

"What Happens When…"

Advanced Online Training in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Behavioral Change, Interpersonal Understanding

Distance Learning, Active Participation

Click here for full program details and to register

Wednesday, January 28, 2015, Miami

Anorexi Recovery Group NYCDr. Judith Brisman Visit to the Oliver Pyatt Center

On january 28th, Dr. Brisman will be attending the upcoming professional visit at the Oliver Pyatt Center in Miami to learn about their new and ongoing programs, the Binge Eating Disorder Program, Embrace, and the new adolescent program, Clementine.

Friday, February 6, 2015, Pennsylvania

Anorexi Recovery Group NYCDr. Judith Brisman Visit to the Brookhaven Center

On February 6th, Dr. Brisman will be presenting at an all-weekend workshop at the Brookhaven Center for Counseling and Development. Dr. Brisman will be sharing the weekend talks with Dr. Lisa Director who is an expert in the treatment of substance abuse. For information, please contact the director of Brookhaven's program, Dr. Marie Hoffman.

First Monday of every month in midtown, NYC, 8:00-9:15pm

FRee Support GroupFREE Support Group for Eating and Body Image Issues

In addition to our ongoing Groups and Individual Therapy, EDRC offers a free support group on the first Monday of every month.

Upcoming Dates: February 2nd, March 2nd, April 6th, May 4th

WHO? This group is appropriate for anyone (18+) who feels that they are struggling with eating or body image issues. Individuals who are supporting a loved one are also invited. All genders, shapes, and sizes welcome.

WHAT? This is an open support group. Group members are encouraged to share and to provide feedback to one another. This group is not a replacement for individual or group therapy.

HOW? Please RSVP to in advance, and then just show up. You do not need to bring anything.

NOT SURE? First time? Had bad experiences in groups before? It’s understandable that you might be apprehensive about coming. However, it’s non-committal and free, so why not give it a try?

Jamie Fialkoff, MA has been facilitating EDRC’s monthly support group for the past two years. She holds a Master's degree in developmental psychology from Columbia and is several months away from earning her LMSW from Fordham University. Jamie has worked extensively with eating disordered patients, and has a background in both cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to treatment. She is also affiliated with Mount Sinai’s Eating and Weight Disorders Program.

This is a FREE group, but advanced RSVP is essential. Please email to register. Click here: to receive reminders about the monthly support groups.

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